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Sewing and Sowing

I’ve been so busy the past couple of weeks, hence the lack of updates. First priority was to finish the remaining show costumes in time for this weekends dress rehearsal. I had to make 6 swirl skirts in black satin and they were not fun. I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do them but when I showed my first attempt to the woman organising the costume making she said it was fine. I set to on the others and to my astonishment managed quite well! So I spent all of last Sunday and a big part of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday finishing them off.  Hopefully they fitted as I didn’t hear anything when Emily returned last night. She had been at the rehearsal all day 9.30-7pm, so was very tired. The show is next weekend!!Munchkin

The rest of us were equally tired after two busy days in the garden. I finished preparing the veg beds for planting by adding manure, fertilizer and soil conditioner where necessary. I have now covered them with black polythene to help them warm the soil ready for planting.

Isaac helped me plant a couple of rows of onions, not much but it is really all we have the space for. We also added a row of late raspberries, yum! The ones we have are a early variety so it would be nice to get some more eventually that fruit around abouts July.

I  did a little  more sowing, this time mainly flower seeds  for my soon-to-be cutting patch. Lots and lots of sweet peas, cosmos, and rudbekia. For the time being, however, we are enjoying plenty of these…


The seeds I planted in Feb are looking good, the only failure were the peppers. I only sowed 4 seeds as last year all the seeds germinated and I ended up with too many plants. Not sure what went wrong this time, old seed maybe? I’ll try again and if no success i’ll probably just buy a couple of plants from the garden centre.

The frogs in our little pondhave finally woken up and there was much excitement from Isaac last weekend when he spotted one on our patio. Or as it subsequently turned out to be, two frogs mating!


Feeling Springy!



I know it’s still a little too early to get excited about spring but I can’t help myself. It happens every year once we get the first spell of milder weather and a bit of sunshine.

As the weather has been kind I’ve been spending a bit of time in the garden. I have my potatoes chitting and they are coming along nicely, ready for planting next month.  I did my first lot of sowing last week –  corn salad, peppers, tomatoes, leeks, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and chillis. So I have made a small dent in the 130 (no joke!) seed packets I have. The cabbage seedlings are already up. 

We have a lot to do in the garden this year. Our old New Zealand  boxes for composting have had it, they are completely rotten. I can’t decide what to go for next but I know I definitely don’t want wooden bins, lovely as they might look. I’ve been thinking about

  • Link-a-bord   + It the same size as one of our current boxes and should be durable.

                                          – I  worry it would be too awkward to empty or turn.

  •   Earthmakers +It makes compost in as little as 12 weeks (allegedly)

                                           -It is very small , so i’d need more than 2 and not exactly pretty.

  •  Komp 800      + We can buy this through the council, it’s a reasonable size, should be easy to get to the compost

                                          –   Again not pretty but at least it would be camouflaged? The shape of it is not ideal for fitting neatly in the corner.

If anyone has any experience using  any of the above do let me know.


On a crafty note here’s what i’ve been up to the past few Sundays



It’s Dorothy’s costume for the dance show next month.  This is for one of the older girls so thankfully fitted my dress form perfectly, but of course now Millie wants one too – no surprise there.

She’ll have to wait though, I’ll be spending this Sunday making several swishy skirts in very slippery-not-nice-to-sew fabric, wish me luck!