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Latest Embroidery

I finished this ages ago but forgot to post a photo.

Acorn Fairy

For an Autumn baby this time so I chose The Acorn Fairy Stitchette from Wee Wonderfuls. I really love the colours on this one. 

At the moment I’m working through Jenny’s Pretty Maids All In A Row. I love these, so cute! 


I’m progressing very slowly, (this one’s still headless!), as I have so many other projects on the go.

My first pair of socks are still very much a WIP…


…and I have 4(!) Clothkits kits awaiting my attention, at least one of which was bought early last year!

Unfortunately I seem to have had no time to crafting things for myself lately.  Lets hope that changes over the next few months as I have already been eyeing several of the projects in this lovely book, well worth a look if you are that way inclined. For a review of the book and lots of nice pictures, visit Craftypod.



Finally here is a clue as to where we have been spending most of our time of late. Update to come.

Dirty Feet

Kid’s ATC Swap – Update



Originally uploaded by _zeospike

Here, as promised are the cards Emily has done for the Kids ATC Swap. She mainly used artist’s inks, wet-on-wet, but also some watercolours and felt-tip pens on some.

Her favourite is the Jellyfish.





I can’t decide Between the snake or the Killer Whale. 

Killer Whale














The cards are now on their way to their new owners and Emily awaits hers with much excitement!

Many thanks to Blair and Erin for organising this, it has been a lot of fun.

Feeling Springy!



I know it’s still a little too early to get excited about spring but I can’t help myself. It happens every year once we get the first spell of milder weather and a bit of sunshine.

As the weather has been kind I’ve been spending a bit of time in the garden. I have my potatoes chitting and they are coming along nicely, ready for planting next month.  I did my first lot of sowing last week –  corn salad, peppers, tomatoes, leeks, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and chillis. So I have made a small dent in the 130 (no joke!) seed packets I have. The cabbage seedlings are already up. 

We have a lot to do in the garden this year. Our old New Zealand  boxes for composting have had it, they are completely rotten. I can’t decide what to go for next but I know I definitely don’t want wooden bins, lovely as they might look. I’ve been thinking about

  • Link-a-bord   + It the same size as one of our current boxes and should be durable.

                                          – I  worry it would be too awkward to empty or turn.

  •   Earthmakers +It makes compost in as little as 12 weeks (allegedly)

                                           -It is very small , so i’d need more than 2 and not exactly pretty.

  •  Komp 800      + We can buy this through the council, it’s a reasonable size, should be easy to get to the compost

                                          –   Again not pretty but at least it would be camouflaged? The shape of it is not ideal for fitting neatly in the corner.

If anyone has any experience using  any of the above do let me know.


On a crafty note here’s what i’ve been up to the past few Sundays



It’s Dorothy’s costume for the dance show next month.  This is for one of the older girls so thankfully fitted my dress form perfectly, but of course now Millie wants one too – no surprise there.

She’ll have to wait though, I’ll be spending this Sunday making several swishy skirts in very slippery-not-nice-to-sew fabric, wish me luck!

Kid’s ATC Swap

Blair and Erin are hosting a kid’s ATC swap and Emily couldn’t wait to sign up.

ATCs ( Artist Trading Cards), for those of you that don’t know, are miniature works of art based on the old collectable sports- themed trading cards. They are always  2.5″x3.5″ in size. They exist as originals, or one of an edition(a set of identical cards) or series (a set based around a theme).

I’ll post photo’s of Emily’s creations when she has finished them. Meanwhile the swap Flickr group is here for anyone that is interested.Kids_ATC_Swap

Back to School

Ok, so we never really stopped doing “school” work over the summer but this  project popped up on Art Projects for Kids and I thought it looked like a fun way for Millie to record her summer.

Would she write about our visits to London or York, travelling on the NYM railway doing another (much harder) Maize Maze? Would she write about staying at her grandparents, paddling in the river at Hubbard’s Hills or paddling in the sea at Anderby Creek?

Nope, none of those things. She wrote about last week and DIY!!

September Self-Portrait

September Self-Portrait

Back to blogging for me and a permanent move over to WordPress (finally) – so give me at least a month to get everything sorted ;o)

Kidmade Again


Oil Pastel and Watercolours

Isaac didn’t do a self portrait (unless its showing the inner workings of his mind!?!) but wanted me to show everyone this.

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Self Portrait


This is Emily’s Self Portrait for this months Kidmade challenge. I helped her with shaping the nose and cutting out the top lip but the rest is all her. The headband is particularly her, lol, her fantasy headband!

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What a Difference a Day (or two) Makes

Friday was so lovely, sunny and warm that we decided to have our family drawing time out in the garden and sketch a few of the spring flowers. Can’t show you any pictures though as the scanner is playing up for some reason.

“Emily’s Tulip and Grape Hyacinth”

Much fun was also had when not one, but two snails were discovered and both Emily and Isaac spent a long time observing them and fetching cans full of water to keep the snails happy!

We also checked on the tadpoles and they seem to be doing great…

The first part of Saturday was also spent in the garden but the weather soon changed from sunny to rainy, not to mention bitingly cold! Still we did manage to get some seeds sown (to raise indoors) and tidy up the remaining parts of the garden that were crying out for attention.

This morning Isaac dragged me out of bed hideously early to take him to the toilet. When we got in the bathroom he squealed “it’s snowing!” and it was, not only that but it had settled.


This was the first time in over a year that we had had snow to play out in, so of course we had to make the most of it.


I was going to write about Easter Blah, Blah, Blah but there’s not much to tell. Isaac was ill for the most part, but much better now. Unfortunately it took a course of antibiotics to get him there – his first lot :o(

Everythings been ticking over quite nicely HE wise. As part of out geology lessons Emily has been having fun with the Virtual Quarry
and I’ve started her doing a self assessment type thing at the end of the week (although not as scary as that sounds?!) mainly to find out what she enjoys/doesn’t and what she finds easy/difficult so i can tailor her work as necessary.

Also i must pass on this link as this man’s work is breathtakingly lovely, not to mention jaw-droppingly amazing!!!

oh and i got Soulemama‘s book yesterday and it is awesome! I highly recommend it, lots of great ideas.

Right, sewing is calling…

Drawing With Children – Lesson 2, level 3


Carousel Horse in Felt tips and Aquarelle pencil

Emily started this back in November but it has been tucked away in the drawer since then. She spent the last couple of days finishing it off as she is keen to get onto the still life lesson. I think she has done a lovely job and she is really pleased with it.

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