Emily did ballet summer school last week and had a fabulous time. They had someone from Riverdance come in to do an Irish dancing workshop which she loved, she did some craftyness and generally had lots of fun. She also got her exam results and is ver proud of her distinction but wanted to know why she didn’t get a trophy!!!

We travelled up to Lincolnshire after ballet school to see our new nephew and cousin, and very lovely he is too. Oh and he has a name, Jacob, or as Isaac calls him “Ja-cker”. He loves his baby cousin very much and hasn’t stopped talking about him since we got home.

Good news on the sleep front….things seem to have *finally* clicked with Isaac- no more 5 o’clock starts for us…fingers crossed. He sleeps through the night now and is waking at a much more respectable 7am :o)

We had a good bank holiday weekend, clearing out loads of stuff from the loft. Honestly i am amazed by the stuff we have hung on to over the years. Freecycle here we come….
It wasn’t all hard work though. On Sunday we went to Paultons which was a huge success, highly recommended if you like that sort of thing. Of all the theme parks i’ve been to this seemed to have a better range of rides/activities for little ones.


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