We are taking a break from school type work and enjoying some long awaited sunshine this week (if the weather holds), meeting up with friends and being out and about more.

Things having been going well of late though, I think we have finally found our groove! The key to it all seems to have been getting more organised with the whole lapbook thing and finally getting The Story of the World and accompanying activity book.

I’ve started buying in lapbook packages from Homeschool Estore (which saves me a whole heap of time) and Emily loves doing them. We skip any bits that aren’t relevant to us and add whatever else we’ve been doing on the subject.

We are both really enjoying SOTW and have started a Charlotte Mason type book of Centuries to go along with it. We are (roughly) getting through a chapter a fortnight, what with accompanying library books and associated activities, so good value!
We are still on Egypt so visited the Ashmolean the other week to have a look at their Egyptian collection.

Unfortuantely Emily started feeling ill soon after we arrived so we left after doing only a quick whip round. A good job too as she promptly threw up the moment we got home!


3 Responses

  1. We’ve just got story of the world too – and someone gave us the activity book. Might have to look at your lapbook link to see if I can glean any ideas from there 🙂

  2. I used to go the Ashmolean as a child – the Egyptian section is great. Shame your daughter was ill 😦

  3. ooo thanks for the link. Got us some e-books.
    Hope you’re all well 🙂

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