More Picture Heavy Lazy Blogging!

We went to London on Friday to catch the Dino Jaws exhibition at the NHM before it closed. Emily has been wanting to go ever since she saw it on Blue Peter. It was really good – just the right amount of information for her not to get overwhelmed or bored and she really liked the interactive bits. We were hoping to look around the dinosaur galleries once we’d finished but it was unbelievably busy. I think Night at the Museum had a lot to do with it. The queue snaked its way all around the main hall! So we did a quick scoot around the human biology gallery before going on to the Earth galleries as E wanted to see all about volcanoes.

Touching real Dino Poo!

Afterwards we went to somewhere else E has been desperate to visit the Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground. It was of course EXTREMELY busy due to the lovely weather but they still had fun and I have promised them (rather rashly) we will return during school hours. Not sure how I will cope with Isaac on my own. When Emily was little she always stayed close by but Isaac will just wander off anywhere. It makes trips out quite exhausting because you have to watch him constantly.

Saturday was spend in the garden doing more digging. Emily wanted her bike out to try riding without stabilisers. She has barely ridden this bike (our fault) and she hasn’t been on it at all for the past year, as it has been shut up in the shed under piles of stuff while we were having the extension built, so we weren’t too optimistic. However she amazed us and herself ,after a couple of wobbly starts and tumbles, riding by herself!

Sunday started off with an Egg hunt in the garden. We were very lazy this year and just hid them instead of doing clues. Emily didn’t seem to mind and all Isaac cared about was the chocolate! I also made them these …

From Hillary’s free pattern. I had intended to make it last year but never got around to it.

I already know what I am doing next year – this loveliness from Mollychicken.

Right must go and get more gardening done while the sun shines :o)


4 Responses

  1. Wee Wonderfuls is a great blog – I visit it regularly to top up my jealousy đŸ™‚

  2. Oh i know what you mean. It amazes me the stuff she makes, I wish i knew where I go wrong with my time management!

  3. They enhance my sense of inadequacy. How can I really be a proper home educator if I can’t sew?

  4. Ah, I don’t think she HE’s otherwise there’s no way she’d have the time to sew all the things she does (wee wonderfuls that is).

    I don’t really claim to much on the sewing front – I have grand designs, but even with time management I doubt I’d get much done, after all, one has to have some spare time to manage!

    For me it’s choices – either I knit, or I go on the PC, or I do something else, there’s not enough hours in the day to do everything I’d like to get done.

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