We’ve been doing some Spring type activities the past week. We made some Spring Cookies using the cookie cutters I got from Lakeland.

I relaxed my normal rules (tyrant that i am) and let them go mad decorating the finished biscuits – colour and all! They had *so* much fun and I felt rather guilty when i realised that this is the first baking session like this that I have included Isaac in (Normally I wait until he’s napping).
As you can see from his face (just- forgot the flash!) he had the best time.

The finished biscuits
I also made some Hot Cross Buns, never tried before, they were yummy but the Chiddlers didn’t agree so Mick and I ate them all.

We’ve been spending a LOT of time in the garden sowing seeds and tiding things up. It’s looking a lot better and lovely to be enjoying it again as last year the builders took it over so we didn’t get much use out of it.

Emily made her own Lenten garden from the All Year Round book

It’s surprisingly awkward to photograph and do it justice but she did a good job!


3 Responses

  1. Those hot cross buns look dee-lish!

    I once let C go mad with biscuit decorating and took her creations along to a group session where she was gratified to see her biscuits get eaten up first!

    She didn’t want to eat them herself – they were too sickly sweet!

  2. Lol, yes i anticipated as much so i put some biscuits on the side undecorated!
    We’ve still got a way to go on understanding the “less is more thing” ;o)

  3. The hot cross buns certainly do look lovely, as do the biccies. Like the book link, thanks. Elle

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