This week started off really well but fell off a bit towards the end due to lack of planning on my part. I’m really exhaused – due to too many late bedtimes and Isaac who (still hasn’t weaned – did i mention I found him trying to nurse off Wendy the other week?!?) continues to pester me throughout the night.

Emily has been reading more and more over the past few months and her confidence in what she is actually capable of is increasing. She picked up the set of Farmyard Tales books the other day and decided to try and read one to Isaac. She surprised herself by finding it quite an easy read! She was so thrilled she could read a book she’d never looked at before i think.

Mick found an old Ikea inflatable chair in the loft the other night. He brought it down to put in the playroom and E is delighted with it. She says she feels like she is in one of the squashy armchairs in the Gryffindor common room! So yesterday I found her sat there with a huge pile of books – obviously a budding Hermione in the making :oD

Following on from finding the frogspawn in the pond the other week i dug out the “Parts of an Amphibian” and “parts of a Tadpole” Here is E after completing then – looking very pleased with herself!

I also got out the cloud nomenclature cards, to tie in with project work, and although she found it tricky she completed them getting only a couple in the wrong places.

Isaac is like a little parrot copying everything i say and everything his sister does. He is getting really into drawing at the moment…unfortunately he’s not fussy what he does it on :o(

I decided to get the maxi HAMA beads out and try him with those but he mainly just liked tipping them on the floor. E had fun with them though making some colourful creations.


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