Here’s E’s Chinese New Year dragon – finally!
We continued the festival theme throughout the week with Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. I never realised why it was called Shrove Tuesday before! We made pancakes of course, E did the batter and i did the cooking/flipping. Discovered Isaac didn’t like them so Emily and I had LOADS :o) She did some fab writing, i posted it on her blog – like the picture of me – and yes it is supposed to read “products” not “pancakes” but i didn’t have the heart to tell her.

Excitement on Thursday as our Bead Merrily order arrived (Thanks Merry!) We got the European flags kit. Didn’t get a chance to start any though as we had the mad rush that is ballet.

Mum and Dad arrived last night so I nipped out this morning to get my hair done, a rare occasion!


2 Responses

  1. Love her drawing of you tossing the pancake!

    We didn’t do pancakes here as neither Chloe nor A (who I mind on a Tuesday) like them.

    I’m your blogring next-door neighbour btw. 🙂 I’m exploring the blog today.

  2. I would of loved to have made pancakes but the oldest two were so anti them as they dont eat them i thought why bother, which really means if i cooked them i would of eaten them all and really want fit into the trousers i want to wear for the wedding i am going to soon!

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