Moving on….

It’s all change at Blogger then. Quite impressed i managed to remember my password after all this time!

Couldn’t face posting for the rest of last year for many reasons but mainly due to upheaval of the build which i am happy to say is now finished – well mostly. We’ve a lot of decorating to do and the builder has to come back to do some extras we added but it’s definitely looking better.

We’ve started back with “school” stuff properly this week (after a false start last week) and so far so good. I’m sure E needs quite a bit of structure as without it she becomes quite a handful and almost like a completly different child!

We are covering Europe at the moment and E wants to” learn about water and everything to do with it” – nice broad topic title ;o) We aren’t very good at following topics. We start off well then things slow down and eventually fizzle out but i’m following her interest so i guess it’s fine really.

I is doing well, his speach finally coming along nicely which makes life easier. I think he is ready for some of the practical life activities so we may try that soon. I have the registration forms ready to fill out for the Montessori nursery that E attended, can’t believe it is time to start thinking about it already. E is so excited about him going – partly, i shouldn’t wonder, because it means she gets me all to herself for a few hours a week and partly because she can’t wait to go back and see everyone.


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