We have had lots of exciting news over the past couple of weeks. First up was the news that my brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baba. I am soooo excited for them and i am going to be a *proper* auntie :o) This brings the total number of babies(i have to get making gifts for!) expected in the next 9mths to 4. Bizarrely 3 of them are due in October and are connected in some way to one another. How weird is that???

Next news is also baby related. A good friend gave birth last week to a little girl, welcome Sofia :o) so congratulations N,D and S on your new daughter/sister. I haven’t seen her yet but can’t wait.

Finally, we saw another builder and he says he can do our extension within budget! So after 4 years we are finally going ahead with our plans. They start on Tuesday…very exciting!

Today we went up town first thing as Mick and Emily were going to see George’s Marvellous Medicine at the local theatre (see their websitefor a sneek peek, click on “current” at the top). They both seemed to enjoy it. While they were at the theatre Isaac had a nap and i pushed him round the shops and got to have a nice (rare)leisurely look around. Managed to find a nice pair of Birkenstocks for 1/2 price in TK Maxx, always pleased to get a bargain ;o) Came home and Mick continued clearing the garage ready for it’s demolition. Emily entertained herself nicely making things from her Usborne mermaid book. Isaac entertained himself nicely making a mess and i finished off part of baby Sofia’s present, a knitted bear. I’ll try to post some pics over the weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Oooh, all sounds good hun. Lots of babies! Very sweet 🙂
    Extension plans sound good too!

  2. Babies are great! Can’t wait to see the knitted bear, do post a photo please!


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