A Quick Round Up of a Very Important Week!

A week ago today it was Mothering Sunday but also Emily’s very first stage appearance. Her ballet school put on a show at the local theatre and E played a kitten as part of the Alice In Wonderland themed first half. She did really well – they all did. Nana and Grandad came to watch too, so we were all very proud of her. I took Isaac home after the first half as it was past his bedtime (he did pretty well and was dancing along with a lot of it). Emily stayed with Daddy to watch the 2nd half and really enjoyed herself apparently.

Wednesday was the Leaver’s Ceremony at E’s Montessori nursery. All the parents of the children who were leaving were there and each child went up in turn to collect their various bits of work from the staff and talk about their time at the nursery. Then they were all presented with a book, it was lovely and Emily felt very proud of herself i think.
Afterwards we had a chat to Jackie, her keyworker and gave her the presents we had made, a hand painted mug for J and a teapot for the staff room. She seemed very pleased with them. It was the first time Emily had seen them since they had been fired as i only went to collect them that morning. I think she was amazed by the transformation. i will post some photos when i get round to it!

Afterwards we went out for a meal to celebrate “graduation” with friends whose dd has also finished this term.

Thursday was the final day at nursery. It was a mix of happiness and sadness for all of us i think. I do think things will be somewhat easier now (except for the fact i lose my 2 days to catch up on housework!) but it is yet another reminder of her growing up – too quickly. One mum, whose daughter is also leaving, stopped us as we were about to get in the car and said “You are so lucky, i don’t want F to go to school” and i thought, yep we are lucky and I will remind myself of that fact if/when things ever get tough :o)

Two other things that happened this last week that also added to my emotional fragility (!) were E moving into her own bedroom and losing a 2nd tooth.
E has been sleeping in our room in her toddler bed since she started having night terrors a while back. We pointed out a few months ago, once the night terrors had subsided, that she really was getting a bit big for it and mentioned she might like to go in a new bed in her own room. i think her mind was made up when she kept getting disturbed by Isaac in the night. Anyway she seems to love her new bed and the fact she has her own room so that is great…but i do miss her.

And on the Isaac front the big news is he has started walking. He can only manage about 6 consecutive steps but it’s all coming together nicely. Oh and two more teeth, bringing the total to eight now. Why does he always get them in pairs?


One Response

  1. Small got all his early teeth in pairs, I thought it was ood too.

    Woww, sounds like E is really growing up now – quite unnerving when they do it in such big leaps isn’t it? Sounds like all is going well with you though.

    Haven’t woken up the blog – will do if you want me too, or will leave it til you say 🙂

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