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We went round to E’s house on Monday where we had a mini home ed meet. Got to meet V and her family for the first time which was good. It’s nice to know we are getting out own little support network together. The children did Valentines crafts and played together really well.

Tuesday we went to the library. Thankfully there was not a single rainbow/weather/party fairy book to be found ;o) Met friends there and went back to their house for the afternoon, so another sociable day.

Today Emily has done some workbook maths and handwriting. She goes in phases with these, at the moment she can’t get enough. We read our poem of the day, then “How the Rhinoceros got his skin” and “Isaac and Rebecca” as part of the Muddlepuddle reading. Emily did a narration for “How the rhino…”

We have a bit of a South American theme going ATM, following on from the “Stories from Around the world” tale this week and so Emily did the Sth American flag classified card activity I made at the weekend and then made a Hama bead Bolivia flag. I’m also busy putting together a continent folder for Sth America but the rate I’m going it won’t be finished before Friday. I actually bought the Australia/Antarctica and Asia folders from Montessori For Everyone last night as I just thought it would save me so much time, really pleased I did. I’ve also got a load of National Geographics in the loft so I plan to sift through there for images too.

We did a bit of science this afternoon talking about body parts. We did a life sized Emily that she decorated and we will label tomorrow.

Isaac has been really grumpy all day again and barely slept – really hope these teeth come through soon :o(


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