We had another productive day yesterday. Read The Tin Islands from Britannia and found Italy and Syria on the globe. E plotted their route to the British Isles. We played Uno and Emily won, which pleased her greatly.

Following on with the Arachne/spider theme we made woven felt baskets, which she the decorated and she played Incy Wincy spider games on the PC. I think they were a bit young for her but she enjoyed them anyway.

We started learning a bit of Spanish in preparation for our holiday, which we booked this week – yay! We are going to see my cousin and his family whilst we are out there. They have three girls and Emily is soooo excited about seeing them again, she keeps asking when we are going – not until October!

We have also ordered a bed for Emily, as the four of us are all in one room at the moment. Emily moved from co-sleeping to having her bed in our room and just didn’t feel ready to move out until now. She said she is fed up of Isaac fiddling with her things and waking her up and said she would like to move back into her own room. So we’ll see how it goes….


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  1. So she wants her own room huh? Lucky you! We are playing musical beds every night. You never know in which one you will wake up and with which child. I want MY room and MY bed with MY husband!!!!

    yeah, dream on…


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