Isaac is getting quite good at standing now
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  1. no house is complete with out an ikea kiddies chair!!!
    Beautiful children.
    Are you keeping up with your garden blog this year? was having a nose, hows it going?

  2. I don’t think we’ll be doing much in the garden this year as we are *hopefully* about to start work on an extension and i think garden access will be very limited – not sure how we will cope with that!
    Also the raised beds need completely re-doing. DH has been doing a bricklaying course so he will have a go at them but it will take him quite a while as he’ll only really have weekends. I will be following yours though :o)

  3. do you know what type of hydrangea you have?? lacehead?? mophead?? is it the nikko blue?? (very common mop head) are you pruneing it back?

  4. I don’t know what it is, i probably have it written down…..somewhere.

    I do prune it back but it never seems to grow much at all so i think it’s unhappy.

  5. try not pruning it!! the flowers on almost all hydrangeas grow off of last years growth…if you cut it off you cut off the part getting ready to bud and flower.

  6. oh dear!! Hopefully it will flower this year then as i don’t think it got pruned last year, can’t remember for sure though.

  7. Oh, and if you are pruning before winter best not to, let it keep it’s growth (even flowers if you have any) all winter, to give abit of protection from the frosts. Cut off old blooms in spring.
    They tend to do better in shade or a small amount of sun, as they can get scorched. They like LOTS of water.
    ( i’ll shut up now lol )

  8. Lots of water eh…..i think this might be the problem then! I have it in the front garden, it is east facing so doesn’t get the sun from about 11am. It has VERY heavy soil – most of the year it is very wet but from about june-oct it becomes baked hard!

  9. Lovely photos of both of them :0)

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