Emily did 3 pages of Exeter maths this morning while I tried to settle Isaac for his nap (he has decided since Christmas that he wants to sleep as little as possible – please let these teeth come through soon). Once he was settled we continued with Merry’s curriculum, which is going down really well so far. We only started it at the back end of last week, so we are a bit behind everyone else. Hopefully my Amazon order will arrive soon and we’ll really be able to get stuck in. So anyway, we read through Chapter 2 of OIS I’m getting Emily to do an illustration for each chapter, today’s was of a Roman Galley and I thought it was rather fantastic – must try and post a pic.
After lunch Emily watched Walking With Beasts while I fed Isaac (who didn’t wake until gone 2 as he was so late for his nap in the end)then we read ‘The Children of Lir’, thank goodness for the pronouncation guide in the back of the book, I was really struggling! The reading was somewhat broken up by the fact I kept having to retrieve Isaac from the fireplace (he has a thing about eating the coals and gets soot everywhere – yeah, can’t wait for him to get over this little obsession) Then some ‘puter time for E doing more maths (DK) while I prepared tea. So a good day.


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