Our weekend started early as Mick took Friday off. It was a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Fun Sports Day at Montessori. Emily had been ill all week but was declared fit enough to join in the fun. I think she had a great time. She declared herself the winner of the Egg & Spoon race…

“It’s not important to be the fastest. It’s the one who doesn’t drop their egg that’s the winner”

Hmmm ;o)

Afterwards we found a very nice pub and had a long lunch with friends and then i went to the hairdressers for the first time since Isaac was born! He is on 3 solid meals a day and so is the first time i have felt ok about leaving him for a few hours.

Saturday was one of those days where we should have just stayed in bed. My car went in for it’s MOT and service on friday morning but they rang to say they hadn’t had time to finish it but it would be ready by Saturday morning, “Fine” i said. The plan being to collect the car and then head to see our friends in Kent who were having a bit of a get together.

10am came and went. Then 11am then 12. Mick phoned and they told him it would be ready within the hour so he went to collect it whilst i finished packing the other car. He finally got back at 2pm!

Set off for Kent. Got a bit lost around East Grinstead but nothing major until we came to the village where P and N live. Drove in and around village for over an hour, couldn’t find the house. Didn’t have the phone number and P wasn’t answering his mobile. Got more and more stressed and hot (as air con had decided to stop working). Fed up of sitting in the hot car for over 3hrs. Finally got through to P to discover we were actually a week early [rolls eyes]. Thankfully, P and N made us very welcome anyway and we had a lovely evening. Still, not as bad as the time we flew 5hrs to Bermuda to stay with my cousin, only to discover i had forgotten/lost her address. OK so Bermuda is a small island but not *that* small!
NEVER go anywhere with me. I am a disaster.


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