It is a gorgeous day and what am i doing… stuck inside making chocolates. We have friends coming over tomorrow and one of them had a birthday last week so it’s a belated pressie. i have just taken five mins to come on here whilst the mixture sets.

Dd has gone to a fancy dress party this afternoon. i didn’t realised when i accepted that it was a 45min drive away – oops! DH has taken her and had to stay as it wouldn’t be worth coming all the way back home. She spent the morning playing Study Dog. She finished the first level on Friday and so was keen to see what level two would be like but is apparently a bit miffed that it’s more of the same, only harder…at least at the mo.

Ds has spent most of the day asleep, largely due to being awake most of the night. I don’t know if he is teething or what but he cried for hours and hours. Sometimes whimpering some times full on hysterics. No temparature or anything…very odd. Here’s hoping he (we) has a better night tonight.


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