First Day of Spring…

…so i am out of hibernation.

A busy weekend in the garden. Thought we’d make the most of the fine weather and get cracking, i’ve blogged it here for anyone that is interested.

Emily is unwell *again*. She has not been right since November, coincidently the same time she started nursery, and has picked up one thing after another, poor girl. So she had a “TV and stories” day on the sofa. however, she did perk up in the afternoon and came outside for a bit. Isaac slept most of the day, waking only when wanting a top-up so i hope he isn’t coming down with it too :o(

Education wise Emily is still big into reading. She has been playing on a lot as well as trying to read stuff from her environment…anything.

She is also big into maths at the mo. I am completely maths phobic but trying to keep my fear in check, lol! She is getting really good at her addition as long as she has counters or fingers and has even done a bit of subtraction.

The calendar is proving useful. Emily is now getting a better idea of how the week fits together, she knew the days of the week before but didn’t really have anything concrete she could fit them to. She also now knows when to expect Daddy to be at home.

Our Calendar

I still haven’t quite finished it as i ran out of magnets and i can’t find any weather symbols that i like (they will fit into the centre of the flower).

12 weeks old
3mths old


12 weeks old
Resting after our busy afternoon!


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