Emily didn’t want to go to nursery on tuesday. We didn’t have tears or anything, she wasn’t even upset, just said she didn’t want to go. However, today she was fine. I think she prefers Thursday because she is there all day and she loves having her lunch there. Think we will probably switch to 2 full days after Christmas if that is what she wants.

Have got the midwife coming tomorrow to bring my birth pack. Suddenly feels like it is getting very close!

Had another scan yesterday as i was measuring small for dates but all was fine (as i thought). The sonographer said baby was on the small side but well within limits and i’m not carrying a huge amount of fluid either. Estimated weight at the moment is just 4lbs 2ozs! If this one is anything like emily s/he will pile on the weight in the last couple of weeks…especially if i keep on eating so many biscuits ;o)


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