Thought I’d better do a quick run down of what we got up to last week before I go to pick up E from nursery. Otherwise it’ll likely be yet another week has flown by.

Monday – we had a friend over in the afternoon that used to go to toddler group. T is 6mths or so older than Emily but they got on pretty well.

Tuesday – was nursery for E in the morning then we popped up town in the afternoon as I needed to look at kitchen scales. Ours broke over the weekend and I am utterly lost without them!

Also popped into the library. We were looking for a copy of The Nutcracker ballet (It is Emily’s latest passion, the music and the story). Couldn’t find what we were looking for but they did have a cartoon version which we got out…but it is terrible!

Wednesday – Went over to a friends house in the afternoon and stayed for tea. Mick is working late again tonight so I am on bath/bed duties again. Our bedtime chapter book is “The Bear Nobody Wanted” by Allan Ahlberg. It has just got to the outbreak of the war so we had a bit of a chat about that and E mentioned they had spoken about it at nursery and talked about why we have poppies, although she called them roses – bless!

Thursday – Nursery all day for E. I went to collect her and P at 3 o’clock to take them to their ballet class. By the time they had messed about getting into the car and I’d got them changed it was already 3.15 (ballet starts at 3.05) so it was a bit of a panic. E absolutely was exhausted so early to bed tonight and didn’t get to see daddy again.

Friday – Went to toddler group in the morning then popped up town as I needed some cotton to finish my God-daughters birthday present. Seemed to be a day for catching up with people I hadn’t seen for ages which was nice.

Saturday – a lovely day – if a little chilly. We went to a local nature reserve. Emily took her bike and peddled round the lake. She was very jumpy and kept panicking about falling in the water even though she was nowhere near. Soon found out why as later in the afternoon she started running a temperature. Ended up putting her to bed at 5 o’clock!

Sunday – D’s 2nd birthday party. Wasn’t sure if Emily should go but she seemed back to her usual self by the morning. We stayed there until 1.30 when she asked to leave and had started burning up again. Thankfully another early night seemed to do the trick and she was better by Monday.

I have been trying to finish off various Montessori projects that had been hanging around for ages. I’ve finished the “pickin'” game from Montessori play and learn and two sets of classified cards. I’ve started my continents globe and pin maps too so feel quiet good.


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