Mum and Dad were staying with us all last week. They were fabulous! Mum finished off decorating Emily’s room, which we started doing on the spur of the moment last weekend and Dad replaced all the old sockets in there as well as taking me out driving every day. I feel a lot better about it now (have even been out on my own a couple of times!) Emily had a wonderful time with them being here. It is such a shame we don’t live closer.

I got a newborn Cuddlebun in the post this morning :o) How cute are they???? I’d forgotten just how tiny their bottoms are! I got it off the good old UKP nappy B&S forum as i want to try various different sorts. With Emily we used a laundry service from birth, so only used prefolds while she was a newborn.

Had my hospital appointment yesterday (the one i forgot to go to last week) for a blood test so that they can confirm i need Anti D, which they will give me on Friday. Seems ludicrous to me as they have taken 2 lots of blood already and it’s not as though i’d go and have the Anti D for the hell of it,is it?


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