Today was Emily’s first trial morning at the Montessori nursery. I stayed with her, although she didn’t actually *need* me too, which i thought was pretty good considering we have only really done toddler group before.

I really enjoyed just sitting and observing everything that went on. It is one thing to read about a Montessori classroom but another thing entirely to see it in action with your own eyes.

She had a fabulous time and wanted to get straight onto the activites. I guess it helped that the enviroment wasn’t completely alien to her. Also, we discovered she knew a few other people already from ballet.

Her favourite thing was snack time as they all sat at little tables with vases of flowers and china tea cups, very civilized! Emily has already decided she wants to do the serving of the biscuits and apple next time.

I drove her there, but with Mick in the passenger seat as i didn’t feel up to doing it on my own. Went fine and i am feeling more and more confident – it has only been just over a week, since i started driving again, after all. My parents are coming to stay next week so i am hoping to get lots of practise in then.


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