A busy day! Emily decided after breakfast that she wanted to go through all the lowercase sandpaper letters, which she did very well. The only one she stumbled on was “f” which she said “t” for. After that we went out to meet friends at the local indoor, soft play place. Emily clearly forgot about me being 6mths pregnant and expected me to climb/crawl/slide as I normally do. I was exhausted afterwards but then so were all the children :o)

Emily napped for a couple of hours after lunch while I had some time surfing the Net (should have really been napping myself). When she woke up she decided to work with the Montessori insets. I have bought her a self inking rubber stamp so that whenever she does some “work” drawing or whatever she can stamp it with the date. This was after I found piles of stuff that I hadn’t a clue when she had completed. She spent ages doing a shape and then stamping it when finished, feeling very pleased with herself.

We decided to do some baking after that so made “Chocodoodles” – yummy. Emily helped with dinner preparation after this by chopping a whole punnet of mushrooms. I took a while though and by the time she had finished it was 6.30pm! Luckily I had a little leftover macaroni cheese in the fridge so that made a quick dinner for her, as the “mushroom pate en croute” was never going to be ready on time…which of course means Mick and i can have takeaway curry [grin].


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