just thought i’d post a quick update on the driving. Well…..it’s going OK! I had my third lesson this morning (at 8am!!!! I thought there was only one 8 o’clock in the day) and feel i have progressed loads since my first lesson on Saturday.

The instuctor didn’t quite know what to expect from me when he found out i had passed my test but hadn’t driven in 12 years, so i told him to treat me as a complete learner (i wasn’t sure how much i would remember). I was quite rusty to start with but improved quite quickly as more kept coming back to me. My biggest problem is still my confidence. This morning i felt confident enough to do anything the instuctor suggested, including going on the dual carriageway and i coped ok – no panic attacks, lol. However, that is mainly because i am in a learner car, with an instuctor who has a brake infront of him if he needs to use it! I am a complete nervous wreck in our car :o/

Well i only have two more lesson booked (4hrs total) but think i may need some more, we’ll see how it goes. He is taking me on the motorway next lesson – eek.


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