We Got Married!!!.

In August we decided, quite suddenly, (if that is possible after nine years together) to finally get married. Neither of us wanted a big bash so thought a month would be plenty of time to organise everything, but soon realised we had to get a wriggle on…hence the lack of posts!

We were blessed with a beautiful day (though it did mean we were squinting on most of the photos) and despite a stressful morning (me not liking what they did to my hair, going to collect the flowers and being greeted with “What, for today??” and Emily having a major meltdown 15mins before i was due at the registry office) it all went swimmingly from arrival at the Registry office onwards – phew! Oh and despite my worries my dress did still fit over my bump, just.


Mick thinks he looks like William Hague in this photo!!

Registry Office

Signing the Register

Ring Bearer

The Ring Bearer

With Mum and Dad

With My Mum and Dad

With Mick's Mum and Aunt

With Mick’s Mum and Aunt

With My Brothers, Mark and David and David's Girlfriend Charlie

With My Brothers, Mark and David and David’s Girlfriend Charlie

(Apologies to those not remotely interested in this…last photo i promise!)

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party


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