Went to London for the day last Saturday (yeah, hottest day of the year – GREAT idea that was). Got done what we needed to, but ran out of time to take dd anywhere (had planned on science museum or the aquarium, so will have to leave that for another time). She seemed to be quiet content that she got to ride around on the underground for a large part of the day so we didn’t feel too guilty ;o)

Sunday was another glorious day weather wise. We went to visit friends who’s family have a lovely house in Hampshire. Spent the day lounging buy the pool, eating, chatting. It was a really relaxing day, just what we needed after such a hectic day on Saturday. Emily had a fab time too with the 5 other children there.

Tuesday we had visitors. A potential HEer and her daughter who, i just found out, live just down the road from us. She was very nice and we have quite a bit in common. Emily took quite a shine to her dd (17mths) and was practising her best “big sister” routine, lol.

Today i had my 20wk scan. All seems well with the babe, though it wasn’t being very co-operative, wouldn’t uncurl! Found the scan quite uncomfortable though (more so than the previous two) but the sonographer didn’t seem to make much of it. Didn’t have any pain when having scans of emily.


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