A much better day today i am pleased to say!

Mick had the morning off as we were booked in to have a Nuchal scan in Reading. When i had Emily the Nuchal scan was part of the NHS dating scan. There was no decision to be made they just did it. However, they don’t do either round here so we had to decide if we wanted it done privately. So we talked it over..and over..and over and eventually decided we would.

Can you believe the hospital waiting room had comfy chairs and chandeliers ROFL!!!I am surprised they let us through the door ;o) Emily was so pleased to find that she was right and that there was indeed a baby in there. We we pleased that the result came back as low risk and all seemed to be ok.

It was so lovely and felt a bit like a first meeting, as at 7wks all you could see was a blob! We even got to hear the heartbeat for the first time which was a bonus we weren’t expecting.We got some nice photos and even a CD with a little bit of the scan recorded on it, although babe was fast asleep so didn’t actually move a great deal!

Emily and i went shopping afterwards and Mick went off to work. Emily was really good all afternoon which was nice and she couldn’t stop talking about the baby, think she is very excited at the thought of being a big sister.

Education wise we have been doing some B4FIAR this week with “Bear Hunt”. This has been on and off successful depending on the activity to go with it. She still likes the story but she knows it *so* well, as it has been a fave since she was one, that it doesn’t really hold her interest anymore. Think we’ll try again with one of the new books i sent for last week and see if they go down better.

She has been continuing to write her name lots, mostly getting it right, but once managed to write it completely backwards! Think this is a left had thing (??) as she often writes single letters backwards and if i write with my left hand it seems more natural to write backwards.

We did some work with watercolours which she enjoyed for a time but TBH i think it is a bit to subtle for her ATM. She much prefers her regular (poster) paint.

Thats about it for this week i think.


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