Thought it about time i put fingers to keyboard once again. We’ve been away in France this last week and the week before that i was just too tired to post by the time evening came. I hope everyone is well and enjoyed HESFES, am going to do a tour of the blogs in a mo and catch up.

We had a fab time in France. We were in the Dordogne again but a different place this time. A tiny place called Constant about 30mins from Bergerac. We went with my parents and my youngest brother.


A walk trough the woods near to where we stayed

We did a little exploring, spent Monday in Sarlat a very pretty medieval town with lots of lovely architecture.



Emily choosing her lunch

On Thursday we visited Bergerac which was also very pretty…


Le Vieux Port de Bergerac

..but apart from that we were very lazy so not much to blog about, lol!

We did a lot of swimming and Emily has regained most of her confidence in the water. She started at the beginning of the week by not wanting to leave the safety of the pool steps, even if she was holding onto us, but by the end of the week she was swimming in short bursts by herself (well with her float) until she surprised herself so much she burst into giggles and swallowed loads of water. Still, a vast improvement, i’m pleased she is enjoying being in the water once again.

We had one day of cloudy weather so hired some bikes (and a bike seat for Emily) for the day. This was the first time i had ridden a bike in over 10 years and the route we took was certainly not for beginners, lol, a 15km trek most of which was off road. Very challenging to say the least but good fun. Towards the end i had to walk up all the hills as i just ran out of energy and my bottom is *still* bruised to this day!!!


A field of Ox-eye(?)daisys we passed through on our cycle ride

Oh and a couple of days before we went i had an ultrasound scan, was very relieved to see the little heartbeat on screen. The sonographer thought i was small for my dates (about a week behind size wise) but i said *my* dates didn’t tie up with the *offical* one anyway so she said that made sense. Have my “booking in” appointment in a week or so. I want a homebirth but have been told to expect a battle, groan.


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