Our carpet is awful. It is sisal and falling apart, big holes everywhere (i think the Dyson *eats* it). We have been holding off replacing it till we know what is happening re: the extension, but decided on Friday night to start ripping it up. It is parquet underneath but unfortunately when they laid the carpet they glued the underlay onto it – grrr. So that is what we having been doing since Friday night, ripping up bits of carpet in the hall, scraping off the foam underlay and cleaning off the glue. Poor dd has been ignored mostly but it doesn’t seem to have bothered her.

Emily got a little more attention today as we went into the garden and left Mick in the house sanding the floor (it looks really good so far but will take a while) Eand I did some gardening and just mooched around to keep out of the way, thankfully the weather was pretty good. We got a jam jar and took some of the tadpoles out of the pond for a closer look which E was delighted about. She wanted to keep them in their but i explained that they wouldn’t really be happy so she said goodbye and tipped them back in. Some are getting really big now with little back legs while others are still teeny.

Tomorrow we are going along to the Crafty Craft Race.


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