We had another lovely day today. We went to Beale Park and thankfully the weather was glorious for a change!

We didn’t arrive there until lunchtime as we had had a very relaxed morning, so went to the cafe for lunch straight away. This was my one and only grrr moment of the day as they didn’t have any specific veggie options in the cafe so had to make do with chips and beans. We met up with friends and i sat and chatted while dd played in the sandpit and to the bouncy castle with Daddy. Eventually got around to *doing* something at about 3ish when we went off for a tour of the animals.


A Meerkat

stroking a pig

Making friends with a pig


Talking to deer

bronze pig

Another pig!

Then a quick stop off at another of the playgrounds before heading homeward…

playing monkey

Fun in the playground


We didn’t do any of the things we had intended to do but had much fun nonetheless.


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