We spent the day a friends yesterday. the children made some Easter cards and decorated some hard boiled eggs. Emily managed to drop one of her eggs and got covered in blue paint (luckily she was sans clothing again). We didn’t get home till 6pm and she wanted to watch the end of “Nemo” which she hadn’t had time for on Sunday. After that she decided she wanted to do some workbooks!!! We do these vary rarely but i think she likes to do them to see how much she has learnt since the last time, or so it seems anyway. She was very pleased with her efforts and gave herself lots of “shinys”,lol.

We got up REALLY late today, 10.30!!!! We actually woke about 9 but spent the rest of the time reading MMM. We did a bit of HAMA after breakfast (or should it be brunch at 11am??) using the midi beads but dd got bored before i did so went off to play on the computer whilst i finished my Easter Egg. we were supposed to be going to the library this afternoon but it is April showers (again, and really heavy ones too) so we have stayed in and pootled.

Oh and it seems we are *not* going to Glastonbury again this year as the tickets were all sold out, sob. Just out of curiosity had a look on Ebay and people are selling them with ID to get around the “named holder” for as much as £500. Grrr @ greedy people!!!!


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