I had a lovely morning on Wednesday, despite having to go to the hairdressers which i hate. Went very quickly though. Dd arrived back at about 2pm and had had a lovely time at her friends by the sound of it.

we went to playgroup in the morning. It was really quiet, only about 4-5 families there.

morning she watched The Magic Key and then played on the website for a bit. The afternoon was spent doing crafty bits for dd’s All About Me Lapbook, which is almost complete. She made a “mini-me” (whick we printed of DLTK crafts) and i filled in things that she thought she was good at which included doing a forward roll, typing on the PC, brushing her teeth and jumping up high. A varied selection, lol. *i* was very impressed with the way she did the face….the best i have seen her do!

I'm so smart poem

We also read up and talked about “taste”. I made a “sweet”, “salty”, “bitter” and “sour” plate and she had lots of fun guessing what the things were…wasn’t too keen on the coffee or lemon.

Yesterday E had lots of fun playing with her cousin who dropped in to spend a couple of hours with us en-route to their holiday cottage.

Today we were supposed to be gardening but it has been April showers all day.


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