Went to playgroup this morning. It suddenly stuck me how BIG Emily is compared to the rest of them there!!! She must be one of the few three+ year olds that still goes. She had a great time in the sand as usual, whilst I had a good chat to some friends. I have just been reading “James and the Giant Peach” to her ( she is really getting into this story…even more so than the others i think) and she has now gone for a nap so i have come to do a bit of surfing ;o)

DP sould be back early today as he has been up to Manchester this morning, so that will be a rare treat :o)

Oh and BTW i finally have the knitting sussed, YAY!!! It was the moss stitch i was having probs with and have FINALLY figured out how to do it. Not sure if my method is correct but it looks right so that is the main thing.


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