A boy a used to nanny for just turned 14 today, he was 6 when i started. I feel OLD now!!!

Picked up E’s bike after a trip to the supermarket. She spent most of the morning riding around the house on it. She is soooo pleased :o). I am glad she will have one for the summer.

New Bike

In the afternoon we went over to Reading to meet some friends who were up from London for the w/end. Realized we hadn’t seen each other since New Year!!! E spent the whole time asking when we were going home as she wanted to get back to her bike.

I got some wool from John Lewis whilst we were there. I am knitting a Little Badger cot blanket. Trying to knit. Actually haven’t started it yet as i can’t even get the damn tension square right, aaarrgghh. I thought a blanket would be easy for someone like me who is…erm…frankly rubbish a knitting, but no, it is not. It makes me soooo cross when i can’t do something. i thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing???


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