We had our pancakes this morning as i never got around to making any on tuesday…better late than never. They were yummy but M didn’t like them. Maple syrup is too sticky apparently. Mad child!!!!

After our big pancake breakfast we decided to go to a local farm park. There were many more things to see and do since our last visit, ( the last time we went it had only just opened.) As well as the animals there were various playground areas, a “village” of little houses and shops, a building zone wilth real working digger (a BIG hit with daddy) a “Tractor World” with little electric tractors and Millie’s favourite..a combine harvester climbing frame/slide. She had a fantastic time and even had a pony ride (which she wasn’t too sure of, only managed about 1/2 a lap, lol). DP and i got extreemly cold so it was decided we would go for a nice pub lunch to thaw out afterwards :o)

I’ll post some pics later when i have got PSP back on the system.


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