Yesterday we went to a friend’s for lunch and a play. L has 3 children H,4yob; P,2yog and D,1yog. Millie loves playing with them.

Millie still normally naps between 11ish and 3ish but of course this hadn’t been possible yesterday so she was really exhausted by the time we arrived! Still, thankfully there weren’t too many tiredy moments. She did however refuse point blank to eat any lunch when we arrived as she wanted to get down to play straight away. She is always like this – food just gets in the way of her doing what she wants. L said that perhaps i am getting too worked up about it, as she has another friend who was in a similar situation and would bend over backwards almost, to get her son to eat. Then she went on to have twins and was so busy with them that mealtimes became became less focused on him and in time became less of an issue. So that is my goal. I know i have done everything i said i wouldn’t do regarding her not eating so it’s time for a change i think. Fed up of battling.

I had a a nice afternoon chatting to L whilst the children played. She has also been considering HE for her eldest but has been unsure as she is not sure she could do it every day (as H can be quite demanding due to being very bright). She thinks she may have found an ideal option as there is a Montessori school (she is montessori trained herself) nearby that teaches up to 18yrs and they will take part time pupils so i think this is what they are considering atm.

By the time we left i was feeling quite rubbish, i had woken up that morning with a bit of a funny throat. Then by the time we had walked home i felt terrible :o( Millie fell asleep on the way home and it took me about an hour to wake her, poor thing was whacked! So Daddy came home to find us both snuggled under a blanket on the sofa.


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