Argh! just typed this once and Blogger lost it. Should have listened to Joyce!

So with the impending visit of the architect it forced us into a bit of a brainstorming session last night. We ditched our previous ideas of building on the side of the house and suddenly thought “ah why not stick another room on the back??” So we came up with having a kitchen/dining room (which would be mainly glazed) and the dining room would then become a playroom/”Casa dai Bambini” ;o) Which frees up the playroom to go back to being a bedroom once again, thus eliminating the need for a 2 story extension (did you follow?) Sooooo it will (hopefully) be much cheaper. After speaking to the architect there are a couple of little problems that need addressing but he is going away to think about that. V excited – can you tell!!! i *really* didn’t want to move and yet i was worried about lack of space (particularly as we are thinking about having another baby soon) so this should hopefully solve all our problems.

Millie and i spent the rest of the morning doing more playdoh and then “writing” a letter to Father Christmas. So i got a load of toy catalogues and we went through them together with M choosing things she might like (ie everything!) I printed off a Santa letterhead form here and then let here loose with the glue. I cut out letters from her name and then gave them to her to “sign” her letter and i was very impressed how she got them in the correct order. Thank you to the person on MP who came up with this idea recently.

Letter to the Big Man


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