Have been having a clear out in the lounge as it suddenly occured to us that we have invited lots of people down for Chrismas and there is nowhere for them to sit. So, we are in the process of clearing shelves, (which incidently were only put in the lounge on a temporary basis – 18mths ago!). Anyway, i’m waffling, whilst clearing out i found some mini discs which we recorded off Classic FM 3 years ago!!! So we listened to the one of “Peter and the Wolf” whilst looking at the book. Millie really enjoyed it, especially trying to guess which animal was being played by the music. We talked about the different sections of the orchestra in very basic terms – about all i could manage, lol. I also found a recording of “Where the Wild Things Are” that we recorded off Radio 4 last Christmas so we listened to that too. I didn’t think she would sit and listen to the whole thing, as it is quite long, but she really enjoyed it and spent the rest of the afternoon pretending to be a Wild Thing.


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