Well yesterday we made the spiders for the nature table. Actually i ended up doing most of it. I thought Millie might enjoy the repetitiveness of the pom pom making but she just became frustrated. I guess she is a little young. Also she had more interesting distractions as Daddy was at home, off sick from work. Unfortunately Daddy didn’t really feel like being the entertainer!

In the afternoon we made more treats. This time biscuits in the shape of cats and pumpkins. I used the butter cookie recipe from Nigella’s Domestic Goddess book it makes LOADS (80 to be precise) and they are yummy.

This morning Daddy was ill again so Millie just wanted to cuddle him and watch Jungle Book [sigh] Whilst they (well Millie, Daddy dozed!) were busy doing that i carved the pumpkins for tomorrow.

Mouse wanted a spider on hers and on the big one i decided to do Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas because i thought it would be nice to have something different and i loved the film. I got the template <a href=”here there are loads of really fun ones. My “Sally” turned out ok but i’m not sure you’d be able to tell who/what it was if you didn’t know, lol.

In the afternoon we had fun icing the biscuits. Millie did her own unique interpretaion of a Jack-o-Lantern :o) It was fun, especially as i am normally an old meanie and don’t allow any coloured icing!

We also used some of the left over Diwalli sweets to make “eyeballs”. So we are now all prepared.

A pic of our Samhain/Hallowe’en nature table


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