Grrr..what is the *draft* thing in Blogger about if it doesn’t actually save a draft. Grumpy now.

So for the second time this is what we got up to today.

This morning mouse woke quite late, 9.10am, as she had had a bad night due to her snuffly nose. So this meant we had to rush if we were to get to toddler group. We eventually got there at 10.15…not bad i thought. We haven’t been for ages what with the holiday and whatnot. Millie loves to go and had a great time. She is so independant nowadays, just goes off and does her thing. So different form a year ago when i had to follow her everywhere. She strikes me as being quite confident, much more so than i ever was (am!) so i am pleased about that. I hope it is something that will stay with her as i have always hated the fact that i have so little confidence.

After toddler group we popped up town briefly as i needed to get some birthday cards. Ended up going into ELC as well, as Mouse wanted to play with the toys. They had a sale on so i got her a printing set which will do for either Christmas or birthday – am getting quite a collection now. Much more organised than last year :o)

When we got home it was nap time as the poor girl was exhausted…she slept until 4pm and i STILL had to wake her. We made some peppermint creams in the shape of skulls and ghosts that are for the Trick or Treat’ers that we are expecting on Friday.


The evening was spent making pom poms as we are going to make some spiders tomorrow. I have 1/2 done them for her as i think it gets a bit tedious going round and round and round……


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