Hmm not doing so well with this blog am i. Must try and update more often now the garden blog is more quiet.

What have we been up to this week?

Well, Sunday was spent at the Royal Berkshire Show We had lots of fun and could easily have spent a second day there as there was so much to see. Millie loved looking at the animals, we saw wolves, huskies (actually LOADS of dogs) horses (again LOADS) otters, ferrets and she stroked a goat, sheep, pony and hedgehog. She also made a sheep badge from rare breeds wool (though she seemed to pick the mankiest bit she could find, lol). After all that excitment she had a snooze whilst DP and i looked around the craft tents. Got some lovely wooden animals as stocking fillers from this stall. When millie woke up it was time to burn off some energy so we headed over to the fairground.

Making friends with the huskies

Monday was spent lazing about.

Tuesday we went to toddler group in the morning and met up with friends in the park in the afternoon, then back to their house for tea. Lots of fun decorating “minibeast” cupcakes!

Wednesday morning we went to a local soft play place. Millie absolutely loves this and gets soooo excited. She made friends with an older boy and the spent most of their time swinging off things and pretending to be Spiderman. In the afternoon we made and Autumn collage.

Autumn Collage

Thursday was a trip to the library in the morning to get books for our current project on Autumn. I thought it would be nice to do another lapbook like the Hungry Caterpillar one we did last month as Millie had such fun and was sooo proud of it when it was all complete.


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